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Linda Grove, owner of
Lili Marlene Lampshades with her "guard dog" Wrascal
 Twenty-five years ago when Linda Grove on was on an extended stay in Europe with her son and husband she was trying to think of a business she could do as they traveled about. Linda was inspired by the beautiful and elaborate lampshades they saw everywhere during their travels and had a vision of creating lampshades. 

Linda’s passion for lampshades persisted.  However, the question still remained - How to create lampshade? When she returned to the US and Denver in 1984, she found even then lampshade construction was already becoming a lost art.  She found one woman – Emma who was 82 and the owner of Artistic Lighting on East Colfax, but she was not at all interested in an apprentice.  Linda continued her search to no avail.  She went back to Emma and pleaded with her to help her learn how to make lampshades, she begrudgingly agreed to help Linda and they began Linda’s ‘lampshade education’.  It’s obvious that she was a student who excelled – 25 years later people continue to bring their lampshades, desires and wishes to Linda and she creates exactly what they are looking for. Her passion for helping people with lampshades and creating lampshade jewelry as her work has been called remains strong and alive.  Linda is currently seeking an apprentice who would have the same passion and commitment that she has, so that she can pass on this dying art to someone else.

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Lili Marlene has occupied many locations in the last 25 years but currently has found the best location ever. She has collaborated her business with Table M Restoration a lamp repair and lamp restoration business. They enjoy the convenience of shades and lamps being in the same building where customers can take advantage of the two services under one roof. Located west of Santa Fe and south of Alameda, please see directions and map for more details.